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Schedule of Fees

Trusts Fees US$
Trust Documentation Fee 1500.00
Trustee's Acceptance Fee 1000.00
Trustee's Protector Fee 1500.00
Government Registration Trustee's Annual Fee*

* A fee at the rate of one half of one percent (0.5%) per annum will be charged on the gross value of assets in the trust.
Minimum Fee 2500.00
Trusts Registration and Registered Office Only
First Year's Fees  
Registration Fee 500.00
Registered Agent Fee 500.00
Government Registration Fee 225.00
total 1225.00
Annual Renewal Fees  
Registered Agent 500.00
Government Registration Fee 230.00
total 725.00
Company Management and Administration
Corporate Directors ( per director ) 600.00
Individual Directors ( per director ) 750.00
Corporate Secretary 450.00
Nominee Stockholder 450.00
Shareholding services (holding of shares, securities, bonds, etc.) 300.00
Company Formation
Incorpoartion of a Nevis offshore Corporation 865.00
Formation of a Nevis Limited Liability Company 800.00
Power of Attorneys 100.00
Notarizations 20.00
Apostille Legalisation 45.00

General Fee Information

Company and trust fees are billed in advance upon formation/registration and annually theeafter. Due to the nature of the services provided fees are not refundable.

The Trust Formation fee includes all legal and other costs and expenses incurred during the period from the initial enquiry, through a normal volume of discussion and correspondence, to the taking of firm instructions and the general supervision of the formation procedures including the provision or perusal of a standard Trust Deed, drafting or persuing a Letter of Wishes and such related procedures as may be required to establish a trust.

The company annual administration fee is for the provision of directors and officers, nominee shareholders, registered and other offered addresses and the maintenance of all statutory records.

The company annual administration fee                                    USD$1,500.00

The trustee's annual fee is for the provision of one corporate trustee. Fees for additional administrative services are outlined in the general Schedule of Fees.

Annual rate for receiving and using mail box services using our P.O. Box number on stationary, business cards, etc. 200.00
Mail forwarding per item per month (plus postage, stationary, courrier etc.) 5.50
Minimum charge for forwarding telephone calls and or faxes... per call/fax 10.00
Provision of shared telephone and or fax line including the use of our telephone/fax no, stationery, business cards etc. 350.00
Opening a bank account, completing and or forwarding banking mandate forms, depositing initial funds (ancilliary expenses - postage, courier, stationery, faxes and telephone calls are not included) 400.00
Obtaining secured Debit/Credit card 350.00
Brokerage account opening 500.00
Photocopying services incurred for any of the above services... 1.00 per page
Directors 250.00
Accountants 200.00
Administrative 150.00
Clerical/Secretarial 55.00


Administrative fees are included in the above charges for up to twelve (12) hours. Time spent on administration in excess of twelve (12) hours annually will be charged to the client at US One Hundred and Fifty ($150.00) dollars per hour and clerical time will be charged at US Thirty ($55.00) dollars per hour.

Work performed in addition to the services described above will be charged at our standard rates applicable to the personnel performing the assignment. Such time will be billed in arrears either monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the volume of work performed.

All other expenses incurred on clients' behalf including but not confined to the above listed are for clients' account. Expenses and disbursements for telephone calls, faxes, postage and mail-forwarding, photocopying services and other incidential expenses incurred on behalf of the client will be charged to the account of the client.

Legal Opinions can be obtained for ($400.00) depending on the length, nature and complexity.

For other services quotations can be provided on receipt of full details.

The above fee schedule excludes disbursements which are billed separatey. Our terms of payment are for settlement within 30 days. If terms are not adhered to we reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at the rate of 1% per month. Fees are subject to change.

Beaumont Corporation Limited can also provide the services of co-trustee. The fee for accepting appointments as co-trustee will be determined by the nature and complexity of the appointments.

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